Value Propositions

The Chiuminatto Consulting Value Proposition:

• Using the support team of Chiuminatto Consulting to handle your finance needs addresses the internal control measure relating to segregation of duties.
• You don’t have to search for, recruit, or select new employees. You also have no issues with turnover. If the person we use for these roles is not satisfactory to you we will provide someone who is.
• The cost of employee benefits for your organization can be significant. By outsourcing to Chiuminatto Consulting, payroll related benefits are eliminated.
• Staff involvement is freed up to enhance the revenue generation side of the PL, which is the area that will bring the largest impact to your bottom line.

Value of Remote QuickBooks Support:

Using remote QuickBooks hosting allows you to easily, securely, and reliably access your financial data from anywhere at any time.

Unlike trditional remote control software, we don’t require you to keep all of your PC’s turned on everywhere or leave you worrying that you’ll be stuck if your remote PC crashes or hangs. With our Hosted QuickBooks solution you connect to your data running on high-availability servers in an always-on, always-connected, ultra-reliable system with protection in place against fire, flood, power outages, theft, etc.

Along with the many benefits of QuickBooks hosting, we value the service because it enables us to support more customers in more locations with less travel time and expense. All of our users enjoy anywhere anytime access, peace-of-mind of nightly back-ups, and banking-class security so that they can stay focused on their business and mission.